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A message from Indiana Soccer

By Troy Cadotte, 03/12/20, 11:30AM EDT


To all teams,

ISL/Select schedule status & Cup Self-scheduled games -in response to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic (3/12/2020):

All ISL games are proceeding as scheduled:

A review of current recommendations by the CDC and other government medical professionals suggest that we should not attend large, indoor assemblies, and that we should avoid crowding when possible.  Fortunately, ISL games are played outdoor with a modest number of people in attendance which, does not conflict with the CDC's current recommendations. However, ISL recommends that attendees avoid crowding while at the game.  Choose to spread out on the sidelines and remain 3 or more feet away from others.  Elect to avoid crowded pre and post-game assemblies during these times of elevated transmission concern. Indiana Soccer, and ISL will monitor the CDC and other high-level medical professionals' recommendations and adjust accordingly. 
Indiana Soccer strongly recommends that the pre-game, center-of-the-field assembly and the post-game congratulatory exchange continue, without the conventional handshake until further notice.  This omission of handshaking extends to referees, coaches, managers and parents until further notice.

Indiana Soccer continues to urge the Indiana Soccer family to remain diligent in protecting themselves and their immediate families from COVID-19 infection.  The following link provides access to prevention and control information about this novel virus:

Thank you,
George Perry III
ISL Commissioner